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6. Guru

1.Guru means teacher.
2.Your first Guru is your mother.
3.If your mother is spiritual, pious and discipline in her life, she automatically teaches you by her behavior. She guides you on your every step.
4.Guidance of your mother to you is very important and this is foundation of your life.
5.Your second Guru is your father.
6.If your father is spiritual, pious and discipline in his life, he impress you and teach you by his behavior. He guides you how to behave.
7.Your parent loves you and guide which is best for you.
8.Your third Guru is your class teacher. Your class teacher teaches you reading and writing and other subject. This Guru gives you knowledge which useful for your whole life. You should respect him/her.
9.Your forth Guru is your spiritual teacher.
10.This Guru is responsible to give you guidance about spirituality. This Guru is very important in your life.
11.This Guru should not be just religious, he should be spiritual. Religious means following religion traditionally. Spirituality means following righteousness and truthfulness after verifying facts. Your Guru must be spiritual.
12.Before submitting your Guru, you should verify Him/Her.
13.Swami Vivekananda verified his Guru Ramakrishna Paramhansa and then he accepted him as his Guru.
14.There may be several Gurus in one’s life. It is not bad, but it is good for your versatility and your knowledge.
15.If you unable to find your spiritual Guru, then this book (Dharm-Margdarshan) is your Guru.
16.This book is about righteousness. It teaches you truth.
17.This is the Book in which there is no doubt, a guide for your righteous life.
18.The base of this book is Veda, BhagavadGita, Upanishada and other books.
19.This guidance already came to you from your Lord. Believe it, and then you will be successful.
20.This book has clear intention, no doubt about it. It is clear guidance for humanity.
21.It is about Dharm i.e. righteousness.
22.There is no burden on your soul. Read it whenever you want.
23.This book is very simple to understand and have clear intention.


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